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You have power, the problem is either your heating elements or thermostats if you are sure. Most electric water heaters have actually two of each, top and reduced. So that you can check always or change a water heater element you are going to need to turn the breaker off serving the water heater circuit and take away the access cover regarding the water heater. At this point you might get lucky in order to find the way that is easiest to repair an electrical water heater.

The Reset Button

Many thermostats have actually a reset button which could sometimes be pushed to reset the circuit and get the water heater working once more. To locate it you may carefully have to remove any insulation covering the thermoregulator. In the event that reset button is tripped you need to be able to hear and feel a definite simply click whenever you push it. If you believe it was tripped, put everything straight back together, turn the power on and look for hot water in about an hour.

If the thermostat can't be reset you will need a voltage continuity or meter tester before going any more. There is perhaps not space in a single article to cover electric diagnostics you could perform simple continuity check up on the elements to make sure they make a complete circuit.
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The Heating Elements

First, make certain the charged power is off to the water heater! Then locate the heating elements. The sun and rain could have two cables linked to each one and can either have a big hex nut where they screw to the tank or are going to be fastened to the tank with a bracket and often 4 bolts. After confirming that the power is indeed off to the water heater, eliminate the 2 wires from the element and search for continuity. If you have maybe not an intact circuit between the 2 terminals regarding the element, it's bad.

If one or both regarding the elements is bad it really is most likely a idea that is good simply replace them both. You need to shut from the water and drain the water heater to restore the weather. You may need a special socket if they are the hex nut style. It is possible to usually find these tools where you purchase the elements. Make certain the water heater is totally complete and all air bled from the system before switching the ability straight back on or you will destroy the new elements by "dry shooting" them.

The Thermostats

If the elements are okay plus don't must be changed, it is possibly the thermostat(s). It's a good idea to replace both thermostats if there are two main, these are typically fairly inexpensive. Just take away the wires, connect the new one the same as the old one, put the access plate right back on and turn the charged power straight back on. You need to have water that is hot about an hour or so.

Understand Your Limitations!

Learning just how to troubleshoot water heaters could be quite simple you do have to understand and stay comfortable using fuel and electricity. Each one can literally kill you in the event that you neglect to take notice of the proper safety precautions. If you aren't qualified or are not certain about one thing it is best to be safe than sorry.